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Customized Wellness Programs

MedWorks has created a wellness program that is customized to your workplace. We recognize that every organization is different and the “needs” of the employee may very as well. It has been proven that the benefits of having a wellness program at your workplace increases workers’ engagement and overall moral. It is also being pro-active with the health and wellness of your employees.


Workplace wellness programs that increase employee wellbeing, in and out of the office

Increased productivity

Fewer sick days; meaning increased productivity

Reduced WSIB claims

Overall improvement to employee performance

Lower disability cost

Cost savings from the decrease of absenteeism

What We Offer

Wellness programs provide your employees with education and support to live healthier lives, focus on their overall wellness, and increase job productivity.

We provide a long list of programs for the workplace. Some of the most popular wellness clinics are on-site blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol clinics. You can choose one, two or all three components of these educational and screening programs, depending on your employees’ needs and interests. These clinics are very popular with employees, particularly those who do not see their family doctor on a regular basis. These on-site services are a great choice for employee appreciation days, health fairs and health and safety week. Any employee with abnormal results will be advised to follow up with their own family doctor.

Some of the other programs we provide are smoking cessation, weight loss challenges, diabetes, osteoporosis etc.

Flu Program

MedWorks delivers on-site immunization/vaccination programs at client corporate sites as well as in our clinic sites. Our program is designed to provide on-site immunization/vaccination services to your corporate site, ensuring your employees have easy access to the service without having to leave the workplace.


In addition to flu immunizations, we offer a range of other immunizations, including Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, and TB (Tuberculosis) Mantoux Testing. We can also provide customized programs to meet your specific needs with the support of our pharmacy and travel medicine clinic consultants.

Don’t wait until flu season hits to protect your employees – contact us today to schedule an on-site clinic with one of our registered nurses. Complete the form for Flu and Immunization and we’ll be in touch soon to provide your turnkey services!