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We've Got You Covered

MedWorks offers healthcare solutions with proactive wellness initiatives to create one program that solves your corporate health concerns. We offer employee health and wellness initiatives, mental health support, occupational health, disability management, COVID-19 solutions, and much more. We help organizations reduce overall health care costs with corporate wellness solutions that focus on your employee’s wellbeing.

Reduce healthcare costs

Increase Productivity

Promote a Healthy Workforce

Fast access to healthcare services

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

  • Partial or full outsourcing of Client Health Centers
  • Medical Testing across continuum of pre-employment, through employee lifecycle
  • Consultation by Occupational Health Physicians and Psychiatrists to guide corporate clients on policy, program best practices
  • Expedited Mental Health Assessments with Rapid Access to care

Preventive care plays a significant role in your employees’ long-term health, helping them delay (or even avoid) the onset of conditions that can drastically affect their vitality and well-being. preventive care may help employees avoid the need for medical services, expensive medications, and surgeries—which can result in major cost savings for your health plan.

Injury Management Services

  • Virtual or in clinic Visits for Urgent Injury WSIB cases
  • Disability Case Management – adjudication and advice to pay (client site based or remote models)
  • Expedited Mental Health Assessments with Rapid Access to care
  • RTW support for WSIB/WC Claims
  • Independent Medical Examinations, FAEs

Lifestyle Maintenance Services

  • Executive Medicals (Personalized Medical Assessments)
  • Concierge Medical Programs
  • Digital Wellness Platform – MedWorks Wellness Connect integrated with MedWorks Connect physician and allied health support to deliver care augmenting the digital resource
  • On site or in clinic models for service including Biometrics, Immunization
  • Travel Health Consultations and Immunizations

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