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An independent medical examination (IME) provides the employer with an independent opinion regarding the employee’s functional status and ability to return to modified or full duties. Opinions regarding intermediate or long-term prognosis for maximal medical recovery can be provided. All physician and paramedical specialties are available on MedWork’s roster to provide IMEs.

Independent Medical Evaluations (“IME”)

MedWorks Corporate Health Solution specializes in providing IME services in all disciplines. With a large roster of physicians and paramedical healthcare practitioners, as well as an ongoing physician recruitment process, we are capable of providing IME services in any medical discipline, and we are experienced and qualified to provide IME services to our diverse industries.

Physical And Cognitive Demands Analysis Physical Demands Analyses (“PDA”)

Physical Demands Analyses are the cornerstone of a comprehensive musculoskeletal injury prevention program. PDAs outline the physical demands of a job and are used during our return-to-work program to evaluate the difference between the injured employees’ capabilities and that of the job as outline in the PDA.

MedWorks develops PDAs for our clients to server a number of uses. It helps identify the true tasks functional requirements required to perform the tasks, and safety risks associated with a new position. Secondly, where indicated, the PDA sets the stage for developing pre-employment functional assessments to assist in solidifying the recruitment process. The assessments can then be completed in a clinical setting to determine whether the candidate can perform the basic job demands. Lastly, the PDA is a comprehensive document that can be used to assist in guiding rehabilitation and return to work programs for injured employees.

Student doing a hearing test at the university

Cognitive Demands Analyses (“CDA”)

The CDAs can assist in reducing costs by determining the essential and non-essential cognitive tasks of an occupation. Similarly, to our PDAs, MedWorks conduct CDAs to provide objective analysis of a job. This is particularly important in the management of complex, mental wellbeing or neurological cases.

Don’t leave the health and wellbeing of your employees to chance! Take action and ensure their safety and wellbeing with MedWorks Corporate Health Solution’s Independent Medical Evaluations IME, Physical Demands Analyses PDA, and Cognitive Demands Analyses CDA. Our large roster of healthcare practitioners and ongoing physician recruitment process ensures that we can provide IME services in any medical discipline. Our PDAs and CDAs provide a comprehensive analysis of job demands, safety risks, and essential cognitive tasks, which can assist in solidifying recruitment processes and guiding rehabilitation and return-to-work programs for injured employees.

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