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MedWorks Corporate Health supports our clients in reducing organizational risk which can arise without a comprehensive policy and structured program approach to substance use.

We recognize the sensitivity of these types of testing and programs, and work with our clients to protect employee privacy as well as the integrity of supervisors and the organization as a whole.

Policy and Program Development

Our Occupational Health Physicians and Substance Use consultants provide organizations review of Policy and recommend refinement to reflect current best practices and industry standards.  If you have no program in place, that is no problem!  We are happy to assist from the ground up to build a program to fit your industry requirements and needs.


One of the keys to success in all programs is training at all levels.  Whether you have an existing Substance Use Program and Policy in place or are implementing a new one, we provide both in person as well as virtual and on line modules for employees, supervisors and managers as well as senior leaders to ensure the Program is consistently applied to ensure fairness and transparency.


Depending on the nature of the program, we can provide any of the following testing:

  • Pre-employment Testing
  • Random Testing (random pool management and selection)
  • Post-incident Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Tests conducted are outlined in the Organization’s program and policy. This could include:

  • POCT (Point of Collection Testing) or Instant Urine Drug Tests
  • Lab analyzed Urine Drug Tests (DOT and non-DOT)
  • Saliva Drug Tests
  • Breath Alcohol Tests
  • MRO (Medical Review Officer) evaluation of non-negative samples

Substance Abuse Professional Assessments

When there is concern regarding potential substance use or abuse by an employee, MedWorks offers detailed assessments by Substance Abuse Professionals. These are conducted both in person and virtually is required.  Report to the employer regarding the nature of the condition as well as future management will be provided.

Don’t let drug and alcohol testing be a hassle. Fill out our form today to learn more about how MedWorks Corporate Health Services can help with your testing needs.