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Why Us?

MedWorks Corporate Health Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations prevent workplace risks and implement best practices in corporate health and preventative programs. Our team has extensive clinical expertise and experience in wellness, occupational health, and disability management.

We pride ourselves on shaping leading-edge, proactive, and evidence-based occupational medicine, rehabilitation, disability, and risk management programs. Our philosophy enables us to facilitate early and safe return-to-work programs for both employers and employees across various industries.

Top Quality Corporate Health Solutions and Risk Management Services for Employers Across Canada

As a trusted partner, we offer top-quality corporate health solutions and risk management services to employers across Canada. Our services range from preventative services like physician and nurse staffing, pre-employment medicals, and virtual care services to injury management services like virtual workplace injury triage, rehabilitation, and disability management. We also offer lifestyle maintenance services such as:

Digital wellness platform


Biometric testing

Mask fit testing

Flu immunization

Travel immunizations

Massage therapy

MedWorks is your one-stop-shop solution for top-quality corporate health solutions and risk management services for Canadian organizations. We customize occupational health services to meet the unique needs of your employees. Additionally, we work with insurers to provide the best doctors for their clients, teams, and members. For international visitors, we have hundreds of doctors that they can connect with. For patients, we provide telemedicine services and connect them with the healthcare they need.


Working hand in hand with our benefits provider, MedWorks Corporate Health Services’ Occupational Service team has consistently delivered exceptional personalized care, ensuring our utmost satisfaction. Their expertise in Occupational Health within the airline industry has truly impressed us, covering Pre-employment testing and Return-to-Work support.

 The MedWorks team’s comprehensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to compliance have exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism shines through in every interaction and service they provide.

 We wholeheartedly recommend MedWork’s Occupational Services to other national airlines seeking to enhance safety, reduce worker’s compensation costs, and establish a medical department that offers top-notch service to employees.

Occupational Health Services – Canadian Aerospace Manufacturer

Exciting News! MedWorks Corporate Health Services has been awarded a Job Demands Analysis contract by Metrolinx. Our team of Ergonomists will conduct comprehensive physical and cognitive (mental) demands analysis at multiple Metrolinx sites. With our Job Demands Analysis (JDA), we aim to quantitatively assess the physical, cognitive (mental), and environmental demands of tasks and jobs.

At MedWorks, we understand the significance of ergonomics in optimizing workplace productivity and employee well-being. This partnership with Metrolinx reinforces our commitment to providing tailored solutions that promote a healthier and safer work environment.

Stay tuned for updates as our dedicated team works closely with Metrolinx to enhance job performance and design ergonomic interventions.

Job Demands Analysis – Metrolinx

We were genuinely impressed by the compassion and expertise demonstrated by the MedWorks Corporate Health Disability Management (DM) team. Their in-depth knowledge and skills in the field proved invaluable in facilitating the successful return to work of our injured and ill employees. MedWorks went above and beyond to understand the unique needs of our employees, their work environments, and the legal obligations involved.

 With a coordinated approach that prioritized the well-being of our team, MedWorks provided the necessary support to individuals who faced mental or physical health challenges, ensuring they retained their employment. The commitment and dedication shown by MedWorks in assisting our employees were truly remarkable.

 Based on our outstanding experience, we will continue to partner with MedWorks for our DM needs, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to any organization. Rest assured; you will be in capable hands.

Disability Management – Bombardier

We recently hosted MedWorks’ on-site Wellness Event and it exceeded our expectations. Their biometric testing helped our employees understand their health indicators, empowering them to make positive lifestyle changes. From mini-clinics to health-screening stations, MedWorks offered a comprehensive range of interactive wellness checks. They brought with them a team of expert nurses, dieticians, and therapists, for on-site consultations – leaving a lasting impact.

MedWork’s tailored approach to employee wellness showcased their commitment to our well-being. The event created a positive work environment and fostered a culture of proactive health management. We highly recommend MedWork’s Wellness Events to any company looking to prioritize employee well-being and promote a healthier workplace.

Wellness Event – Gerdau Whitby

Choose MedWorks Corporate Health Solutions and feel secure knowing that your company and employees are cared for. Learn more about our services and how we can help your organization today.